The Four Main Styles of Online Poker Play

Online poker could be divided into four major styles of play. Usually people consider online poker to be different as compared to the traditional form of poker; however the basic structure and the kind of players remain the same, regardless of the online platform. There are loose players and there are tight players. The players would be categorised based on the number of times a player plays during an active hand in a game or a tournament.

When it comes to the aggressive or the passive players, these are categorised based on the kind of strategies they employ in the game. If you are able to recognise these players while betting on online poker, you would be able to predict their actions and beat them easily. Therefore we have summed up each style of play for easier readings.

Loose Aggressive

This happens to be one of the highly played styles in online poker. Loose Aggressive players are usually found in a majority of the tables and they would bet often. Their bets would be big and they would usually opt for all-in. These players are commonly hard to read online since they would be playing every hand and it is hard to find out if he is actually bluffing or possesses good cards.

Tight Aggressive

The tight aggressive players would only bet if they have a good hand, completely opposite to the loose players. These tight players would never bluff and hence are the easiest to sport. However the pecularity of these players is that they would bet big when it comes to the premium hands. They also generate some betting action from the loose players.

Loose Passive

The loose passive players are those who would want to see the flop, but arent prepared to place more bets in the game. They would often call or check a few small bets, so as to see the cards but would force the betting process by making a raise.

Tight Passive

The tight passive players are the ones which do not usually participate in many games and would fold all the games, except the best hands. Even in case of the best hands, they would only limp instead of raising big or betting.

For a majority of the online tournaments, the tight aggressive is the best strategy to adopt. Such a strategy would call for a lot of patience, but would save your bankroll to a great extent. After eliminating the loose aggressive players and the inattentive people, the only ones remaining in the lot are the ones who intend to finish in the top three. Your style of play would decide the amount you can possibly win. Sometimes, when you play the tight-aggressive style, the others would identify immediately and often back out as soon as you start playing big. Therefore it would be ideal to add in some of the loose elements in the game.