HOSE Poker Strategy

HOSE poker is not merely a game, it happens to be a combination of all the 4 popular versions of poker such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha (eight or better) Hi-Lo, Seven Card (eight or better) Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud. HOSE is often referred to as the ‘mixed’ game and therefore developing such a strategy is more complex than a regular poker game.

Playing such a form of poker is usually not recommended to the beginners since it requires thorough knowledge about all of these variants. However, there are quite a few strategies formulated for the HOSE play, rather than the individual games within.

Understanding the Rotation

To begin with, the player must familiarise himself with the way HOSE poker is played, both in rotation and sequence. Its more of a ring game session and the games are played in accordance to the acronyom ‘HOSE’, which means the Texas Hold’em poker is played first and then the round continues to Omaha. The session would continue in the similar fashion until the tournament is over.

The rotations within each of these variants could be handled by the blind level, the time level or the hand level. Out of all these hands, the rotation by hand is supposed to be the fastest and rotation by time means that the hand changes within a few minutes in the game. Rotation by blinds means that the current game would change as soon as the blind levels increase. Ensure that you always know the rotation being used and do not confuse it during the game. It would be suggestive to practice such a form of poker, before actually playing it with real money.

Knowing Your Opponents

When it comes to poker, you need to keep a keen eye on the behavioural patterns displayed by the opponents. This would help you assess their hand and hence you can then make winning decisions. Try and judge the betting patters to see if the player is a loose aggressive player or a tight player. When it comes to HOSE poker, the loose aggressive players would be easy to identify. Once you recognise your opponents, it would be easier for you to build a strong bankroll during the early stages of the game.

Most poker strategies revolve around knowing your opponents and realising their hands. However, as a player, it would be advisable to adopt one single strategy and stick to it. If you are playing against experienced players, you must change your strategies from time to time, so as to keep your opponents wondering about the next move.