Professional Poker Tools – Heads Up Displays

An HUD, also known as the heads-up display is one of the best tools used by the online poker players to display statistics. However, these statistics are displayed on the tables of other players under your name. Such a tool is indispensable for the professional players. Most expert players are known to play more than one hand at the same time, about 4-16 tables in most cases displaying results on several monitors.

If you are someone who is playing multiple hands on different tables, it is practically impossible to keep a track of the opponent moves or assess their playing style. Therefore such heads-up displays would allow you to keep a track of your opponents, just by looking at their stats.

Loni Harwood

To elaborate more on how this works the hand histories of all the games and all the players is stored in your hard disk. These hands could be imported on to tracking software and then plotted on to the database. The heads-up display would read this database, along with the most recent hand histories for all the live tables. The stats are displayed directly on the table, so as the help the players make quick decisions and gauge the weaknesses of the opponents. You are no longer to watch the hand closely.

When it comes to the actual play, we all know that it would be beneficial to know the opponent’s playing style. As soon as you use the HUD software along with the data-mining software, you would be able to get a huge advantage over the opponents. The software would give you the flexibility to move around from one table to another and know your opponents in a moment, without spending too much real time in studying them. There are loads of players who are known to fold the flop around 60% of the times and would often check and raise the turn. As soon as you see that on the player’s stats and you see them calling the flop, you can know that they would check and raise on their turn.

The HUD displays would help you know the style of the opponent, without having to watch him for thousands of hands. The stats would help your assess their standard play and know the type of players on the table. There are some players who would run around on any table and raise about 50% of the times prior to the flop. You would know this fact even before the first hand is dealt and hence would affect your decisions throughout the play.

Another helpful feature of the heads-up display is that it would display the hole cards of your opponents after the hand is over, in case if your opponents try to go for a showdown. A lot of players would simply muck their hand so that the others cannot see it, but HUD would pick up this data as well. You would also know the river bet of your opponents and will help you bet the river with the players who bet on the weaker hands.