Heads Up Poker Strategy

In order to become a successful tournament player, you are required to have a great heads-up strategy in place. There are loads of popular poker rooms that offer free games to practice heads-up strategies in the Sit-N-Go tournaments. it has been observed that the beginner would soon fall into the trap of the gambler because heads-up poker is all about strategy.

The Button

All the poker players realise that position is of utmost importance, in order to increase your chances of a win here. If you happen to be on the button, you could be the first one to act during pre-flop and act last during post-flop. For all the heads-up games, there is a huge advantage on the side of the opponents. For an instance, if you are on the button and you make continuation bets or raise frequently, the opponents would call it quits, assuming that you have a better hand.

On the other hand, if you happen to call last for the post-flop circumstances, your opponent would have to check and therefore you would be increasing your chances with the pot.

Therefore, having no position can turn out to be a bad situation for you as a player. If you are playing out of position, then you need to have a premium hand, in order to survive into the game. It would be recommended to call raised during pre-flop with some suited connectors such as an Ace or a King, along with pocket pairs.

If you have an opponent who raises from the button, then it would be ideal to fold. If you find the player on the button limps, then you need to raise on the hand. It would be better to play the pre-flop out of position, rather than playing post-flop in random position.

Hand To Play in Heads-UP

One of the common mistakes people make with heads-up poker is to play every hand. It is imperative to put the opponents into the rags all the time, but it is essential to play good hands for the bigger pots. You would typically gain 10% while playing with suited connectors. It would be best to fold as soon as you notice the raise on the button. Play selected hands, so as to save the bankroll for the tougher situations during the game. Try to avoid the bigger pots after playing a part of your funds.