Heads-Up Poker Strategy – Final Table

Poker is a game which involves a combination of knowledge and skill. There are a lot of strategies existing for the game and you need the right strategy, so as to yield profits from the game. This holds entirely true for all the Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Different poker tournaments require different strategies, based on the requirement of the opponents. However, in any variation of poker, if you intend to win the tournament, then you would be required to have the appropriate heads-up strategy. Furthermore, you would need to employ better heads-up strategies as compared to your opponents. The minor difference between the first and the second place could cost you a championship or some million dollars if you are participating in the World Series of Poker.


Heads-up poker is not the same as playing poker on the full table. You would need to adjust your playing style, especially if you happen to be a tight player. Aggressive players are known to be more successful with the heads-up strategies as compared to the tight players. It is imperative to know that the value of the hand increases as the number of players decrease.

For an instance, if you’re playing a hand with an Ace Nine, you would probably fold while playing at the full table. But such a hand is considered strong in the heads-up poker. While playing heads-up in Texas Hold’em, you need to take some risks as a player and also have a strong bankroll, so as to sustain some losses. Blinds are usually worth a lot and it would pay off in the end to have your opponent out of the play.

Aggressive Heads-Up Play

As mentioned above, playing aggressive is probably the best way to play heads up. However, you need to have a smart aggressive style. You can raise before the flop and also be aggressive after the flop. The reason why this style works is because your opponent would not be able to hit most of the times.

For the most part, there would be no option left for the opponents but to fold. It would be difficult to continue with the heads-up strategy if the opponent employs the same. The only way to deal with this would be to re-raise on the game. Try and be more selective about the big moves and if you feel that you have the best hands, you may also consider going all-in. this would improve your chances at the pot by a great extent.